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(165/365) Zutara Week 2018: Day 5- Crystal Catacombs

Lol sorry I was late again….
Two days more to go..hahaha OTL

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Zutara Week Day 7! The Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit 🔥💦

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Day 5- Crystals

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Prompt: Turtleduck

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day five: crystals

secret tunnel! secret tunnel!

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Katara blinked, amused. “Little Turtleduck?” She asked.

Blush crept onto Zuko’s face. “Is that…okay? To call her that? It’s what my mother always called me when I was little, so thought I’d…”

“I think it’s perfect,” Katara said. Her eyes twinkled the way a women’s did when they found something endearing, and while Zuko didn’t really understand it, he was glad she was pleased. “I’ve been calling her ‘penguinseal,’ but I like yours better.”

Read on ao3

Full summary here 

Written by me and @merlot-and-mangoes

For @zutaraweek. Day 4: Turtleduck

(Turtleduck is the second chapter of the linked fic! Sorry it’s late!)

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Day Six - Bloodbending

I mean, I suppose I had the option of not making a creepy blood witch Katara picture but that doesn’t sound like something I’d do at all. No, no, let’s have some AU in which Katara takes over the Fire Nation for fun, or whatever.


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“I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common.”

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Late to the party. Have a combo First Kiss in the Crystal Catacombs beneath Ba Sing Se. Manga style….because.

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Turtleduck - Zutara by SaberMay


This one is a little late. Real life just keeps on getting in the way of my Zutara obsession. Anywho, I wanted to do a Zutara kids concept with this prompt. Their family of 3 will be 4 soon! 

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Zutara Week Day05: BLOODBENDING

Sorry for the late update everyone! I wanted to take a step back from digital stuff for the day just to spice things up and I realized that I didn’t have a cord for my scanner 😑 Of course. So pardon the crappy phone picture~

But if I’m being honest, I didn’t really have an idea for this one— and I struggled for a long time to come up with this. Still, I hope you like it!



Zutara week, day three: tea


Day Five - Crystals

How the Crystal Catacombs could have gone, I guess?

Do you know how weird it is to work with this much green? Everything is actually green. Every single thing that looks not green? Green.